Brenna McHugh

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About Brenna McHugh

Brenna has worked in hospitality for over a decade, including as a bartender in Los Angeles and New York, a national spirits judge and supplier representative fro Suntory, Lejay and Gruppo Campari. She has a masters in Gastronomy and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA, with the specific goal of supporting mental health and career longevity in the hospitality industry. She is currently a trainee at the New Bridge Foundation, an inpatient substance-use and addiction facility, and hopes to add to industry-side conversations around mental health and provide support specific to needs of bartenders, kitchen staff and spirits professionals. In her spare time, Brenna is a professional horse trainer and has toured and performed globally with an equestrian circus, an industry not dissimilar to hospitality!

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Ahamazing as always
What a fantastic talk. So informative and helpful.