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Emily Cyan Rose, bartender and Yoga instructor, can relate to all of those who struggle with soreness and pain due to long shifts in the service industry. Whether you sling drinks behind the stick, work in the BOH or wear a plethora of different hats, this workshop is for you. She teaches Renew + Recover Yoga for J + D Wellness and we are VERY excited to offer this restorative yoga workshop! Emily will focus primarily on places in the body Industry Professionals utilize the most with the low back being the focus.

*And I'm sure she'd be happy to take requests!*

She will utilize essential oils and give you some tips on how to take the self-care taught in the workshop home with you.

*Snacks will be provided as well as a little gift to take home with you!*

Space is limited and is free for members!



Lifted Studio, 600 14th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

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