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We will be working with Sabreena Haque, premier Henna artist for the Bay Area We are excited to have her teach us all about Henna and what it represents. See below for information about Henna:

The Art of Henna has been used by desert cultures throughout the Middle East, Africa, India, and Egypt for thousands of years. It continues to expand and become a creative expression and self care ritual for people of all walks of life.

It is ALL natural! Made from dried and crushed up henna leaves (Lawsonia inermis), lemon juice, sugar and essential oils.

Some people use it is a spiritual tool. They set intentions and the artist can weave symbols to serve as a reminder. As the henna fades, so the intention deepens.

Also, the sweet and minty smell of the henna serves as an aphrodisiac, a time to relax and take time for self. Waiting for the henna to dry, teaches people patience and grace, a moment to unwind and be present.

Henna symbolizes joy, beauty, protection, and good fortune for those who wear it.

Flowers represent happiness and joy.

Vines represent devotion and vitality.

Eyes serve as a form of protection and warding the evil eye.

The lotus is a symbol of rebirth and resilience, it blossoms in murky waters; emerging from adversity.

Peacock represents confidence and courage.

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We will be posting photos of where we will be!, Dolores Park, 19th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Sabreena Haque

Sabreena Haque of Ritual by Design is one of the leading henna artists in the world, with over 100K Instagram followers. Classically trained, now based in San Francisco, her intricate designs can be (...)